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CIVILIZATION Shanghai creates two films to launch Master Kong’s new line of premium tea – togetherbe

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CIVILIZATION Shanghai has created these two new films to launch Master Kong’s new premium tea brand.


“While talking heads are gushing about the explosion of coffee shops and coffee consumption in China”, says Andrew Lok, CIVILIZATION’s Co-Founder and Creative Director. “The tea market is still more than 3 times that of coffee by revenue, but that complacency could kill us.”

That’s the key reason Lok, co-founder of CIVILIZATION, offers for Master Kong launching a new line of premium bottled teas, which retails for almost double that of their competitors, to sway young urban coffee drinkers.

“Tea has been an integral part of Chinese life for more than 4700 years,” Lok adds, “Our mission is to showcase the craftsmanship of Chinese tea farmers and emphasise that tea is an indispensable part of our culture and legacy. And Master Kong makes it easy for everybody to sample this craft. Surely that’s worth the price of a small latte.”

Production took place in Anxi county in Fujian and Pu’er county in Yunnan. “We scaled up steep slopes that these farmers have bounded up since they were kids. I met a centenarian who’s witty and walks without any assistance,” Lok marvelled, “tea zones are blue zones.”

Alex Xie, CEO of CIVILIZATION, adds: “There are 7 major types of Chinese tea with hundreds of sub-varieties, so while we only showcased two, we will have no lack of stories for this campaign to run for years.”

Master Kong “Iron Buddha of Minnan” & “Pu’er of Yunnan”
Brand: Master Kong
CMO: Angie Liu
Advisor: Richard Lee
Group Brand Manager: Pong Bia Bia
Brand Manager: Ginger Xiao

Agency: CIVILIZATION Shanghai
CEO/CCO: Alex Xie
Creative Director: Artlan Wang / Andrew Lok
Writer: Ivy Wang
Art Director: Artlan Wang
Producer: Fisher Yu
Strategy: Summer Li
Business Director: Cindy Wang
Client Mangement: Sally Luo / Victor Zou
Consultant: Jo Shen

Production: Necessary Films
Director: Kimway Lin / Andrew Lok
Executive Producer: Wayne Wu
Cinematographer: Ryan Xin
Production Supervisor: Light Qi
Producers: Chun-Hui Li Li / Shi-Hao Wang / Ke Li
Assistant Director: Hong-Xi Zhou
1st Camera Assistant: Tiffen Zhou / Jia-Ming Wang
Focus Puller: Zi-Jing Li
Lighting: Wei Wu
Lighting Assistants: Yong-Cheng Wang / Xin-Jun Jiang
Art Direction: Dico Dong
Props: Hong-Yong Sun
Assistant Props: Teng-Fei Yang
Costume: Li-Hua Hao
Make-Up: Ran-Ran Wang
Sound: Amor Chen
Grip: Zi-Yong Ma
Editor: Li-Bin Zhou / Xuan-Peng Wang Xuan
Colourist: Da Ma
Post-Production Supervision: Jing Zhou Jing / Wen-Wen

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