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Zus Malaysia and Fishermen Integrated celebrate the everyday champions this Raya – togetherbe

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Fishermen Integrated Malaysia has collaborated with homegrown Zus Coffee for Raya 2024, following their successful partnership on the Zus Buatan Malaysian campaign for Malaysia Day 2023.


This year, the theme “Seribu Warna Zus” reflects the essence of togetherness, showcased in the video “BERZUSAH-ZUSAH DAHULU, BERAYA-RAYA KEMUDIAN.” This film sheds light on the true spirit of Raya, emphasizing the importance of unity beyond the traditional celebrations of ketupat and rendang.

“Raya is more than just ketupat and rendang. It’s about togetherness and helping each other with honest intentions. We feel this is best exemplified by those who are willing to work during the holidays. People like our Zus baristas, Abang Riders, Nurses, Security Guards, and Police, Emergency, and Armed Services. So this Raya, we wanted to pay tribute to them and the thousands of other heroes who make up what we lovingly call Seribu Warna Zus,” said Stephy Foong, VP of Growth & Marketing of ZUS Coffee.

Shafiqah Othman, Creative Director of ZUS Coffee, said: “Hari Raya gatherings becoming smaller and more intimate over the years served as a reminder that, for many of us, the essence of the festival is evolving. Even though we want to hold on to the good old days of our childhoods, we cannot deny the inevitable change that comes with increasing responsibilities. “Seribu Warna” seeks to embrace this shift; Although many of us may be working or away from our families, the spirit of Raya remains unbroken. It’s all about perspective, isn’t it? About finding joy and connection, regardless of the circumstances, and cherishing the bonds that distance cannot diminish.”

This captivating content has garnered over 2 million views, resonating with audiences all across social media.

Mark Darren Lee, Co-Founder of Fishermen Integrated, said: “Fishermen is thankful to have clients like Zus who believe in creating entertaining and meaningful stories during these festivities, offering a unique angle. Zus and Fishermen are always pushing ideas, and the trust given is a true testament to our partnership. “A big shout out to the amazing teams at Fishermen Integrated and Graph Studio for their dedication to delivering fun and entertaining content.”

Andrew Perera, Creative Director of Fishermen Integrated, added: “To us, the true heroes of Zus are the baristas that we count on to give us our caffeine fix, come rain or shine. As a tribute, we wanted to approach Raya from their perspective, with a film showing how they and other frontline heroes sacrifice their holidays so the rest of us can celebrate in comfort, with good Malaysian humor.”

Fishermen Integrated continues to elevate storytelling and celebrate the unsung heroes, exemplifying its commitment to creativity and meaningful connections.

Zus Malaysia and Fishermen Integrated celebrate the everyday champions this Raya

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