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Zyxel WBE660S WiFi 7 Access Point with 10GbE

Zyxel Networks has this week launched its first WiFi 7 access point, the WBE660S WiFi 7 BE22000 Triple-Radio NebulaFlex Pro Access Point.  The WBE660S access point is a next-generation WiFi device that features a triple radio BE22000 architecture. This advanced architecture, coupled with a 320 MHz channel, enables the device to deliver speeds that are up to five times faster than those offered by WiFi 6/6E solutions. This means that users can expect seamless connectivity and high-speed data transfer like never before says Zyxel.

One of the key features of the WBE660S is its support for all three frequency bands, namely 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz. This compatibility allows the device to provide impressive speeds of up to 22 Gbps. Moreover, the inclusion of a 1x 10GbE uplink port ensures WiFi 7 speeds and true 10GbE super broadband, further enhancing the overall user experience.

WBE660S WiFi 7 BE22000

The WBE660S uses Smart Antenna Technology to optimize WiFi performance and minimize interference. This technology is designed to mitigate the interference from adjacent WiFi channels and 4G/5G mobile networks, ensuring a stable and reliable WiFi connection. When it comes to management, the WBE660S offers flexibility. Users can easily switch between standalone, on-premises controller, or the Nebula Control Center modes at no additional cost. This adaptability allows businesses to choose the mode that best fits their needs and operational style.

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The WBE660S also includes robust security and troubleshooting features. Zyxel’s WiFi Aid is incorporated for troubleshooting network access issues, while Connect & Protect Plus enhances security against breaches at the access point. These features ensure that the network remains secure and any issues are quickly resolved, minimizing downtime and maintaining productivity.

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Triple-Radio NebulaFlex Pro Access Point

Zyxel WiFi 7 access point application

In line with the global drive towards more eco-friendly solutions, the WBE660S can be powered using a USB Type-C, providing a more sustainable power option. This allows businesses to reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying high-speed connectivity. The WBE660S WiFi 7 BE22000 Triple-Radio NebulaFlex Pro Access Point is available now for $799.99. This price includes a limited lifetime warranty, offering peace of mind to businesses investing in this advanced networking solution.

The launch of the WBE660S WiFi 7 BE22000 Triple-Radio NebulaFlex Pro Access Point by Zyxel Networks marks a significant step forward in the realm of wireless connectivity. With its high-speed capabilities, smart antenna technology, flexible management, robust security features, and eco-friendly power option, it is set to become a game-changer for MSPs and SMBs.

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