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SteelSeries Pro Alias microphone for streaming

Content creators and streamers looking to upgrade their microphone or purchase their first may be interested in a new piece of kit from SteelSeries. The Alias mic has been specifically designed for streaming and content creators and took three years to create. With the primary objective of making it easier for gamers to produce and stream simultaneously. The result is a product that addresses the dynamic and range needs of its target audience, offering a unique blend of advanced features and user-friendly operation.

At the heart of the Alias microphones is a custom-built 1″ condenser capsule, three times the size of standard microphone capsules. This larger size is designed to capture each gamer’s voice accurately, ensuring every word is heard clearly, even in the midst of intense gameplay. To further enhance sound quality, the streaming microphones include a finely tuned cardioid capsule pattern to minimize background noise, and a custom-built shock mount to absorb vibrations.

Alias Series mic for streamers

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Things to consider when purchasing a microphone for streaming

  1. Condenser vs. Dynamic:
    • Condenser microphones are sensitive and capture a wide range of frequencies, making them ideal for studio settings where background noise can be controlled.
    • Dynamic microphones are less sensitive to sound pressure and better for loud, live environments, often reducing background noise.
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Pickup Pattern

  1. Cardioid, Bidirectional, Omnidirectional, etc.:
    • Cardioid microphones pick up sound primarily from the front, ideal for single-person streams.
    • Bidirectional and omnidirectional microphones capture sound from different directions and can be useful for interviews or multi-speaker content.


  1. USB vs. XLR:
    • USB microphones offer ease of use and are plug-and-play, suitable for beginners or those with a simple setup.
    • XLR microphones require an audio interface or mixer but provide higher sound quality and more control.

Sound Quality

  • Frequency Response: The range of frequencies a microphone can pick up. A wider range can capture more detailed sound.
  • Sensitivity: How well the microphone picks up quiet sounds.

Additional Features

  • Built-in Features: Noise reduction, gain control, mute button, etc.
  • Mounting and Accessories: Shock mounts to reduce mechanical noise, pop filters for reducing plosives, and stands or boom arms for positioning.

Durability and Price

  • Build Quality: Reliability and durability, especially important for regular or mobile use.
  • Cost: Budget considerations and balancing cost against features and quality.

Use Case Specifics

  • Environment: Consider the recording environment’s acoustics. More controlled environments can utilize more sensitive microphones.
  • Content Type: The microphone choice may vary for different content styles – e.g., voice-over, music, podcasting, gaming.

Choosing the right microphone involves balancing these factors based on individual needs, environment, and the type of content being created. It’s often about finding the best compromise between quality, functionality, and budget.

streaming microphone controller

Alias and Alias Pro microphones

Powering the Alias microphone chassis is the high-performance turbo engine known as Sonar for Streamers. This software suite transforms the microphone into an all-in-one sound studio, providing gamers with a range of tools to enhance their audio experience. These include a 10-band Parametric EQ, audio routing, precision tuning, and mixing, as well as ClearCast AI noise cancellation technology to eliminate distracting background noise.

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The Alias microphones for streaming are available in two options: Alias and Alias Pro. The Alias microphone is a 24-bit/48 kHz broadcast-quality microphone designed specifically for gamers. It features a 5-stage LED indicator, real-time mic monitoring, and 16.8 million RGB colors for personalization, allowing users to customize their microphone to match their gaming setup or mood.


The Alias Pro, on the other hand, is a broadcast-quality XLR microphone. It comes with a balanced XLR system, pre-amplifier, and 48 V phantom power. It also includes features such as Drag ‘n’ Drop Audio Routing and custom-designed LED indicators. This premium version is designed for professional streamers who require more advanced features and capabilities.

Pricing and availability

The launch of the Alias and Alias Pro microphones marks a significant step forward for SteelSeries, solidifying its position as a leading provider of gaming peripherals. The microphones are available for purchase at SteelSeries and retailers worldwide, priced at US $179.99 for the Alias and US $329.99 for the Alias Pro. In addition, SteelSeries is offering a free download of Sonar for Streamers, making it even more accessible for gamers and streamers to enhance their audio experience.

The SteelSeries Alias microphones, powered by Sonar for Streamers, signifies a new era in gaming and streaming peripherals. With their unique features and user-friendly design, these microphones are set to revolutionize the way gamers communicate, stream, and interact with their audience.


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