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BOX modular lighting blocks app controlled

If you would like to add some custom lighting to your workspace, streaming set up, home or apartment. You might be interested in a new set of modular lighting blocks created by LinkedSparx in the form of the SYRO BOX. The unique lighting system offers users the flexibility to create and customize their own designs, all controllable via apps available for both Android and iOS platforms.

SYRO BOX modular lighting features

At the heart of the SYRO BOX system is its modular design, which allows for flexible assembly and inspires creativity. Unlike traditional lighting systems, the SYRO BOX offers users the ability to create any design or shape they can imagine. This flexibility extends to the creation of both 2D and 3D designs. Whether users want to create simple pixel art shapes like hearts, Christmas trees, or dinosaurs, or spell out text and numbers, the SYRO BOX modular lighting system can deliver.

SYRO BOX modular lighting examples SYRO BOX modular lighting examples 4

Phone app controlled

Backer early bird pledges are now available for the groundbreaking project from roughly $62 or £53 (depending on current exchange rates), offering a considerable discount of approximately 33% off the retail value, while the Kickstarter crowd funding is under way.

SYRO BOX modular lighting examples 2

Beyond its versatility, the SYRO BOX system also boasts a unique low-power circuit design. This design allows it to support up to 70 modules on a single line, reducing the need for multiple power lines. This feature not only enhances the ease of use but also contributes to the system’s energy efficiency. The SYRO BOX is equipped with USB-C ports, which makes it compatible with PVC light strings. This compatibility further expands the system’s versatility and adaptability, allowing it to integrate seamlessly into various settings.

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SYRO BOX modular lighting examples 5

Modular lighting system

One of the standout features of the SYRO BOX is its built-in sound sensor. This sensor allows the lights to synchronize with music, offering multiple customizable music modes. This feature can transform any space into a dynamic, vibrant environment, perfect for parties or events. In terms of customization, the SYRO BOX modular lighting system offers a wide array of options. Users can select from 16 million colors and 8 patterns to customize their color scenes. Additionally, the system includes dedicated character slides for personalized messages or graphics. This feature is particularly useful for business use, where customized signage or messaging might be needed.

SYRO BOX modular lighting examples 1

If the BOX campaign successfully raises its required pledge goal and fullfilment progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place sometime around December 2023. To learn more about the BOX modular lighting blocks project appraise the promotional video below.

Synchronise with music

The SYRO BOX system also introduces a patented 3D combining function. This function enables users to turn 2D modular light connections into 3D shapes using bendable FPC connectors and angled fixtures. This feature takes the creative possibilities of the modular lighting system to a whole new level, transforming flat designs into eye-catching 3D creations. The LED feature of the SYRO BOX system allows users, particularly children, to see their creations glow. This feature not only adds a magical touch to the designs but also stimulates creativity and intellectual potential.

The SYRO BOX lighting system is a groundbreaking product that combines technology, design, and creativity. Its flexible, customizable, and user-friendly features make it suitable for both artistic creation and commercial use. Whether you’re looking to transform a space, create a unique piece of art, or simply light up your world in a new and exciting way, the SYRO BOX system is a tool worth considering.

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SYRO BOX modular lighting examples 3

For a complete list of all available early bird specials, stretch goals, extra media and device specifications for the modular lighting blocks, jump over to the official BOX crowd funding campaign page by navigating to the link below.

Source : Kickstarter

Disclaimer: Participating in Kickstarter campaigns involves inherent risks. While many projects successfully meet their goals, others may fail to deliver due to numerous challenges. Always conduct thorough research and exercise caution when pledging your hard-earned money.

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