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BMW Proactive Care is an AI-driven offering in customer service

BMW has announced a new AI-driven offering in customer service called BMW Proactive Care, and it comes with a range of tools that are designed to let the car identify existing and predictable service requirements and then offer solutions.

BMWs have been sending service-related data directly to the customer’s preferred BMW center (with the permission of the customer) for many years, thereby enabling targeted interaction between customers and BMW centers. Until now, the customer then had to approach their BMW service center themselves. But with the introduction of Proactive Care, BMW will proactively reach out to the customer. The result is the next stage of evolution in connected vehicles and customer service.

The number of dealer service options within the portfolio is growing constantly and, where it makes sense, augmented with the benefits provided by the broad field of artificial intelligence. Digital tire diagnosis, fault messages, maintenance requirements – individualized recommendations are made possible through data analyses and records of customer preferences.

The digital-first approach means, depending on what is needed, the customer may be notified via a message in the My BMW app, via an in-car notification, via email from their preferred service center, or by a call from Roadside Assistance. Proactive Care improves the customer’s service experience in the long term – from self-help tips (e.g., how to solve a problem via a Remote Software Upgrade), to flexible support to guarantee mobility, or by suggesting the right service center if a visit to the workshop cannot be avoided. Online appointment scheduling and a personalized service video including online payment handling are just some of the possible options. A description of the work performed, the associated costs (if any), and expected completion time are always available to the customer in a transparent manner.

You can find out more details about the new BMW Proactive Care feature over at BMW at the link below, it will be available for BMW vehicles that have the BMW Operating System 7 or later.

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