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Evaluating Data Analysis Performance of ChatGPT: A Comprehensive Assessment

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You’re wondering how to get the best data analysis from the ChatGPT system and how ChatGPT Code Interpreter compares to using the Noteable plugin. You will be pleased to know that Thomas Jerry has created a great 20 minute video providing details on how you can carry out data analysis with both services and which one provides the best results.

The battleground for this technological duel, aimed to assess the performance of both tools in handling prompts and executing data analysis tasks. The comparison was conducted using the AI index dataset, a comprehensive collection of data from 62 countries, encompassing seven variables: Talent, Infrastructure, Operating Environment, Research, Development, Government Strategy, and Commercial. This dataset provided a robust and diverse platform for testing the capabilities of both the Code Interpreter and the Noteable plugin.

AI index dataset data analysis

The set tasks assigned to the tools were diverse and demanding, encompassing an array of detailed analytical operations such as explanatory data analysis which aimed to understand the underlying structure of the data, filtering, which is the process of removing unnecessary data, and aggregation and grouping of data, where related data elements are merged into one.

Moreover, visualizing these data elements, conducting conditional operations where statements are used to perform different computations depending on whether a condition was true or false, statistical analysis, which was used to collect, analyze, interpret, present, and organize data, and machine learning, where these tools took data to learn and improve their functions were part of these challenging tasks.

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ChatGPT Code Interpreter vs Noteable plugin

With regards to their performance, both tools demonstrated remarkable abilities, adeptly rolling through the majority of the tasks. However, when it came to matters of speed, the Code Interpreter consistently overshadowed the Noteable plugin, offering quicker data processing and analysis.

As we delve further into the machine learning landscape, an area characterized by complexity, we found that the Code Interpreter flexed its superior capacities in this aspect, demonstrating a broader grasp of functionality. Not only was it adept at processing numerical variables, but it also displayed proficiency with categorical variables.

Noteable plugin

In contrast, the Noteable plugin was constrained to handling numerical data only. An added advantage of the Code Interpreter was its ability to provide thorough explanations and present suggestions for subsequent steps. This feature greatly enhanced its user-friendliness and overall user experience.

Despite these hurdles, the Noteable plugin was not without its unique strengths. It had the ability to store the user’s code alongside any visuals in a notebook format. This facility made it convenient for users to revisit, review, and revise their work, ensuring smooth continuity.

On the other hand, the process was slightly more laborious with the Code Interpreter. To view the code, users had to click an arrow, after which they had to copy the code and transfer it onto a separate platform to visualize the results. While not a huge drawback, this process did require more steps compared to the simplified approach offered by the Noteable plugin.

In the final tally, the Code Interpreter emerged as the victor, scoring 85 out of a possible 90 points. The Noteable plugin, while putting up a strong fight, fell slightly short with a score of 79 out of 90. This comparison serves as a testament to the strengths and weaknesses of both tools, and a reminder that in the world of data analysis, the right tool can make all the difference.

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