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Llama 2: Empowering AI Applications on Devices, Phones, and PCs

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Qualcomm and Meta have announced their collaboration to enhance the execution of Meta’s Llama 2 large language models. The new strategic partnership focuses on bringing these AI models directly to your device, minimizing the dependence on cloud services.

Reducing the need for cloud-based AI services not only facilitates a higher degree of privacy for users, but it also addresses security preferences that many have. The proposition here is to create a more secure environment, ensuring your data stays on your device, thus significantly increasing privacy.

On device AI applications

This collaboration between Qualcomm and Meta brings several advantages, not only for end-users but for developers as well:

  1. Cost-Efficiency: Developers will find their costs reduced, as compared to exclusively using cloud-based AI services. The shift to on-device AI processing means less reliance on the cloud and more savings.
  2. Enhanced Application Reliability: By moving the processing on-device, applications become less dependent on internet connectivity, enhancing reliability. Users can expect to enjoy smooth and consistent app performance, regardless of their connection status.
  3. Personalization: The implementation of on-device AI creates a path for developers to create more personalized and exciting generative AI applications.

Beginning from 2024, Qualcomm’s powerful Snapdragon platform will enable these on-device AI applications on flagship smartphones and PCs. If you’re wondering about the practical implications, it means users will be able to take advantage of these AI capabilities even in areas without connectivity or in airplane mode. It opens up a myriad of possibilities, from intelligent virtual assistants and productivity applications to content creation tools and entertainment.

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Qualcomm and Meta

This isn’t the first time that Qualcomm and Meta have joined forces. They have a shared history of driving technological innovation and delivering top-tier device experiences. Their current joint endeavor continues to support the Llama ecosystem across research and product engineering efforts.

Llama 2

  • Qualcomm is scheduled to make available Llama 2-based AI implementations on flagship smartphones and PCs starting from 2024 onwards to enable developers to usher in new and exciting generative AI applications using the AI-capabilities of Snapdragon platforms.
  • On-device AI implementation helps to increase user privacy, address security preferences, enhance applications reliability and enable personalization – at a significantly lower cost for developers compared to the sole use of cloud-based AI implementation and services.

For developers eager to start leveraging on-device AI, the Qualcomm AI Stack will be their go-to resource. This dedicated set of tools facilitates efficient AI processing on the Snapdragon platform, making on-device AI a reality even on small, thin, and light devices.

In conclusion, this collaboration between Qualcomm and Meta marks a significant stride towards more private, reliable, and personalized AI applications right on our devices. As we move towards 2024, we can expect to see a new generation of AI-optimized applications that respect our privacy while offering innovative features and reliable performance.

Source : Qualcomm

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