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10 New iOS 17.4 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

With the latest iOS 17.4 update, Apple has once again enhanced the functionality and user experience of its devices. This update is packed with new features and improvements that are designed to make your daily digital life more seamless and efficient. Whether you’re an avid music lover, a podcast enthusiast, or someone who values privacy and device performance, there’s something in this update for you. The video below from iReviews gives us some great tips that you need to know for the iPhone with iOS 17.4 Here’s a closer look at the top 10 tips and tricks that will help you make the most out of iOS 17.4.

  1. Streamline Your Music Experience: iOS 17.4 has upgraded its Music Recognition feature, which is a boon for music aficionados. Now, not only can you identify songs playing around you directly from the Control Center, but you can also view your song identification history with ease. This allows you to add songs to your Apple Music playlists or library effortlessly. Plus, the feature extends its compatibility, enabling you to play recognized songs on platforms like Spotify from your identification history.
  2. Podcast App Transcriptions: If you love multitasking while listening to podcasts, you will be pleased to know that iOS 17.4 introduces transcriptions for podcasts. This means you can now read along with the audio or search within transcriptions for specific content, enhancing your podcast listening experience.
  3. Enhanced Multilingual Support with Siri: For those who communicate in multiple languages, Siri has gotten smarter. The digital assistant now supports reading messages in various languages, not just English. Simply add the languages you use to the settings, and Siri will handle the rest, even allowing you to select different voices for each language to personalize your interaction further.
  4. Easier Access to App Store Purchase History: Managing your App Store purchases has never been easier. With iOS 17.4, Apple has moved the purchase history feature to the App Store, where you can effortlessly search, filter by type (apps, books, subscriptions), and view your purchases within custom date ranges.
  5. Battery Health Reporting for iPhone 15 Series: Exclusive to the iPhone 15 series, the new battery health reporting feature provides detailed insights into your device’s battery health, including its capacity and cycle count. Apple has impressively doubled the cycle count threshold to 1,000 cycles before the battery’s capacity drops to 80%, ensuring longer battery life and performance.
  6. City Digital Clock Widget: Keep the time of different cities at your fingertips with the new City Digital Clock widget. This handy tool allows you to display the current time, time zone difference, and a visual representation of seconds for various cities directly on your home screen.
  7. Pass Key Access for Web Browsers: In an era where privacy is paramount, iOS 17.4 introduces a feature that lets you control which web browsers have access to your pass keys. This privacy measure allows you to review and manage browser access, ensuring your online activities remain secure.
  8. Music Recognition Enhancements: Revisiting the Music Recognition feature, it’s worth noting the added convenience of integrating this tool directly into your daily music listening habits. The seamless integration with Apple Music and other platforms like Spotify directly from the Control Center enhances your music discovery and enjoyment.
  9. Podcast Accessibility: The addition of transcriptions not only makes podcasts more accessible but also transforms how you can interact with podcast content. This feature is a game-changer for those who prefer reading to listening or for users looking to find specific information within a podcast.
  10. Siri’s Multilingual Abilities: The expanded multilingual support signifies Apple’s commitment to inclusivity and personalization. By enabling Siri to understand and read messages in multiple languages, users can enjoy a more personalized and convenient interaction with their device, making technology more accessible to a diverse global audience.
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As you explore these new features and improvements, you’ll find that iOS 17.4 significantly enhances the way you interact with your iPhone, making everyday tasks more enjoyable and efficient. Dive into these updates and discover how they can improve your iOS experience.

Source & Image Credit: iReviews

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